Tuesday, March 17, 2009


So we had our Fireproof night at church. It went very well. We had over 50 people there and some new faces so that was exciting. I was personally a little disappointed with some that didn't show up, was hoping for more younger couples I guess, but oh well, it was a good night anyway. Ron Christian said a few words after it was over. What is it about him that just grabs your attention...He speaks very well and gets right to the point without even coming across offensive at all. It is so easy to listen to him speak. He only talked for maybe 5 minutes, but his message in that five minutes was amazing. He has a way of bringing it all together and tying it to your life. His message on Sunday was good as well...I'm a little upset at my kids, I didn't get to hear some of it because of them, but that happens being a parent. I truly hope he stays around for a while!!

So much for time off. We started soccer this week. Brenden and Lauren are both excited for it. Brenden's practice was last night and it went really well. Lauren's is tonight, and it will be the first practice for most of these kids ever for soccer. We'll see if that goes as well, but I'm guessing probably not.

We had a long school board meeting last night. Even though I try not to make things complicated, it seems that is what I'm always finding myself doing. There are a few issues that I take stands on, others I just ask questions. Sometimes I wonder why I'm the only one questioning, and if it is a good thing or bad. Anyway, we got through it and will have another lengthy one next month probably. This year has really flown by. I was testing the waters so to speak with the school board position. The term was for just one year. So far, I've really liked it and will more than likely run for re-election next year. That term will now be 4 years, so there will be no more "testing"... It is something that I thought I would like and I really do. I've also learned a lot, by asking questions and listening, and would like to continue.

On a personal note, I started working out this week. So far, so good. Two days in a row! Hopefully I can continue. I found a routine that works well for me. Thirty minutes of walking (with the dogs), and then thirty minutes of lifting. I would really like to discuss the lifting schedule with someone who actually knows how this will affect me, to make sure I'm doing the right thing to get the results I want. I think I know someone, but just need to get in touch with them.


  1. Hey you updated your blog!! Good for you! :D
    Yeah...I should do something on mine shouldn't I. Hmmm... Sounds like Fireproof went really well! I agree about Ron Christian, he is a really good speaker and knows what he's talking about. And he's really fun to listen to. Have a super week er two before I see ya'll again!

  2. Yea! A new post!

    Good job on the exercising! I'm not much of an expert on lifting, but I'd be happy to keep accountable on your schedule if you'd do the same for me. That is, bug each other about it unceasingly for all eternity. ;)